On 11th Jun’2021 at 10:30 am; the National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NITHM), 
 conducted a webinar on How to beat the present situation & become successful?  it was conducted for the interested students seeking to select their careers; to have an insight that could help them through the striving times of the pandemic. Guest Speaker: Ms. Madhavi Raju, Author & Lifestyle Coach and Founder of Affinity7. Inc. Along with NITHM’s Director: Dr. S. Chinnam Reddy.   Totally 60 participated in the session that began with the Director Dr. S Chinnam Reddy’s, welcome address to the Guest Speaker and participants.  He mentioned that we all need to have the power of hope, his inspirational talk was focused on the need to maintain enthusiasm in life, and the necessity to maintain purposeful thinking and not to allow despair to dominate our thoughts. His message to the students was to be enthusiastic and spread hope and enthusiasm to people around; stay joyful, healthy, and happy always. 
Ms. Madhavi’s Address: “Be your own Guru” shared her story of how self-motivation helped her overcome fear and it opened doors to her success.  She quoted: “When we know what we are thinking; then we will know what to think”. She asked students to be goal-oriented always, and enjoy the journey of reaching their goal, only then one will feel good about life’s achievement and themselves.  Her advice to students was to start their day understanding the joys of life and also feeling that joy.  For example, she asked them to do 3 things in a day, that make them happy or that they love to do. example Music, Dance any other activity for just 5-10 mins; this will help each of us to sharpen our axe. Our thoughts get governed by more negatives, so we need to listen to our thoughts, spend 1-hour planning for the exciting future we dream of having. Don’t let people’s opinions change your thinking of yourself and keep going. And do not wait until the last minute. In conclusion, her message was we need to always show self-love, to achieve life’s milestones. Keep your Dreams and Goals Alive, always choose Happiness.  She then answered a few student’s questions before the session came to a close. 

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