Telangana Chamber of Events Industryfelicitates budding photographers from across Telangana

Photographer clicks most beautiful pictures & capturesemotions in their pristine form
Vishwender Reddy• Enhancing photography skills is vital for event industry to capture the industry’s talent & showcase to the world: Rakhi Kankaria• Cameramen deal with emotions, which don’t have repeat actions & retakes: Megha Israni• What we capture is timeless nostalgia for the family, the happiest and memorable day of their lives: Raja Jain

Hyderabad, 31st August 2021: The ‘TCEI – TEFAPHOTOGRAPHY DAY’ event hosted by The Telangana Chamber of Events Industry (TCEI) – an umbrella association of event organizer and associated professionals, and Telangana Event Facilitators Association– a constituent association of TCEI; was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr Kommidi Vishwender Reddy, Secretary, Telangana Photography Academy; at Our Palace, today, also present on the occasion were Rakhi Kankaria, President, TCEI; Toufiq Khan, Joint Secretary, TCEI; Manoj Innani, President, TEFA; Neeru Mohan, Secretary, TEFA; Pavan Kumar Agarwal, Treasurer, TEFA; Sandeep Jain, Photography Coordinator, TEFA; Badam Krishna Rao, EC Member, TCEI and Rambabu Dhanishetty Ace Photographer & Canon India Trainer.

The Chamber celebrated the one-day event by organizing professionally enriching engagements including panel discussions and a photography contest with the theme, EMOTIONS, to unearth and showcase the latent talent of promising photography professionals. The participation for the contest was overwhelming withPhotographers from all over the country participating, besides Telangana, participants from AP, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh joined the contest. The winners of the Photo Contest wereFirst Prize – S Sharath Babu, Siddipet; Second Prize – Shravan SThadanla, Warangal; Third Prize – Devaraj Devan, Palakkad, Kerala; Fourth Prize – Raju Ponaganti, Karimnagar; Fifth Prize – Vanam Sharath Babu, Warangal; Sixth Prize – Mahimala A Bhaskar Reddy, Siddipet; Seventh Prize – Raju Bandi, Hyderabad and Eighth Prize – Kavali Mahipal, Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion Vishwender Reddy said, photography is an art and the involvement and passion for it is what makes a photographer click the most beautiful pictures and capture the emotions in their pristine form. The photographer involves his emotions, creates a story in a pictorial form and thats what appeals and grabs the attention of the viewer. A photographer is a positive thinker, that positive thought is what he portrays through the image and makes it wonderful sight for us.

Event industry is delighted to celebrate the day of Photography. Photographers are an integral and vital part of the Event fraternity.Shutterbugs fetch us the limelight and applauds. Constantly encouraging and aiding photographers to enhance their skills is of paramount significance for both the professions to be in the public glare and garner appreciation for our talent, says Rakhi Kankharia, President, Telangana Chamber of Events Industry. TCEI has a extremely talented bunch of photography professionals, their experience and skill needed to be recognized and celebrated and here we are felicitating them and their wonderful work, she added.

The TCEI – TEFA Photography Day had professionally informative and invigorating sessions with seasoned photography professionals of national and international fame sharing insights and experiences. The national panel comprising of Internationally acclaimed photography icons like Raja Jain from Delhi and Megha Israni and Ram Bherwanifrom Mumbai, sharing inspiring anecdotes laced with practical tips for budding professionals at a session streamed live for the audience here.The face-to-face interaction with leading Hyderabad based photography professionals including Namrata Rupani, Sandeep Jainand Rambabu Dhanisetty, helped both the young and seasoned professionals to unravel the unique aspects of their profession specific to Hyderabad from the times of Nizam to the current day mobile camera toting amateurs. 

The insights shared by icons and seasoned professionals at the seminars can immensely impact and change the very perspective of budding photographers about the profession. The contest will help bring the talent in the profession to the fore, says Neeru Mohan, Secretary, Telangana Event Facilitators Association.

Speaking at the panel discussion Megha Israni, who captured emotions at over 600 weddings across the globe said; basically wasnvery happy with the characters I was playing on the small screen, so my entry into this profession just happened, my brother wadoing a wedding photography and needed help, the satisfaction that I got inthis was not there anywhere, the reward and satisfaction can’t be weighed with anything else and the appreciation which comes our way keeps us going and its been a beautiful journey from there on and there was no looking back. In the recent years. what excited the youngsters coming into this profession, is the internet, we saw suddenboom in how Face Book and Instagram took over to help reach our work to a million people and that made our profession very specialMy advice to the professionals in my fraternity is, as a photographer we must capture and present what resonates with the feeling andaspirations of the bride, the groom, and their families and not what we intend to do out of the box to impress them. For budding photographers my advice is, you should question yourself why you are herein the profession and that will keep you in good stead. Because in this profession you are dealing with someones emotions, there is no repeat action in this to recapture, so every moment is valuable, and it is essential we capture all those valuable moments.

Ram Bherwani said, I began my journey with this passion at a college festivalbut the big break came immediately in the form ofactor Akshay Kumars wedding. With the weddings becoming more intimate with smaller gatherings off late, the capturing becomes more interesting and focused, which would have all the important elements the family wants for posterity. The most important ingredient to be in this profession and excel is to have love and passion for the profession, only then will you come out with flying colors

Raja Jain from Delhi said, I started as a news camera person with NDTV, got into weddings in 2002 by chance, since than no looking backCapturing emotions needs you to have your feelings from the heart, the moment you put on the cap of being part of the family ofthose getting wedded, you know what needs to be part of what you are capturing. My advice to those aspiring to be in this profession is to stick to your root and be patientrealize what you are doing is the timeless nostalgia for the family, for the rest of their livesit is the happiest and memorable day of their lives, and you have theresponsibility of capturing all those best moments. Also, in this profession you need to keep pace with the changing technology and trends to be a winner.

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