Humari ProteinThali” Nutritious and delicious Regional thali on Poshan Maah

Hyderabad,  September, 2021 
Close on the heels of India celeberating Poshan Maah, the diverse and delicious regional Indian cuisines raised its bar in innovation, taste and flavour which was packed with protein to nourish you!
The initiative powered by Poultry Dhaba supported by USSEC (U.S Soybean Export Council) showcased a fine assortment of 28 delicious and wholesome regional Indian Thalis from each state such as Punjab, Hyderabad,  Madhya Pradesh,  Mahastratra, etc across India to complement a balanced diet. The rationale is to highlight a balanced diet with adequate amounts of proteins that build immunity, health and well-being. 
The Thali Concept is to bring about conscious nutritional eating pattern to the fore. Worldover people eat out of bags (read fries and cookipunjabvs) and what not. However as Indians we need to celebrate the Thali concept as it is essential to show the importance of this format of eating to our younger generation who are exposed to so many junk and fast food which can inturn lead to metabolic disorders and non-communicable disorders. The effort is to adapt to the sustainable-traditional food system which can potentially nourish everyone and include the right amount of protein to our daily diets.  
Importantly, while incorporating diverse cuisines from various states, “HumariProteinThali” is backed by leading nutritionists and organisations across India to  meticulously put together the correct dietary requirements for a balanced diet for instance a typical thali includes both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items including chicken, egg etc making it a powerpacked thali! The high protein Telangana typical Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Thalis were created by Dietitian Saini Narwade.
Speaking on the occassion, Dr. Janaki Badugu (Hon. Secretary IAPEN Hyderabad Chapter, Ex.VP IDA Hyderabad Chapter said,”The Pandemic has reinforced that there is an urgent need to create awareness on what we eat, how much to eat and how to eat. The traditional Indian Thali is a perfect example of a balanced diet and can help one achieve proper nutritional status. We can make some changes at home level using  ingredients to include enough protein in our thali. Recently there has been some major shift in the eating pattern of youngsters across India with the inclusion of more  fast foods and junk food. It is essential to show the importance of this format (Thali) of eating to our younger generation too who are exposed to so many  unhealthy options. And hence this ideation of high protein regional thali concept is a welcome move. Hyderabad is anyway a hub for the wholesome chicken biryani but for vegetarians, it might be a good idea to add soya chunks to regular rice or pulao.”
Come let’s relish our own “HumariProteinThali” packed with wholesome and balanced nutrition!  

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