EThames Degree College which was started by EThames Educational Society in 2013, is affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad and recognized by AP State Council of Higher Education.
From the time of inception of the college, it has been striving hard not only to provide quality education, but also to kindle entrepreneurial spirit among the students to help them start business enterprises of their own or secure placements immediately after graduation.
As part of the above endeavor, it is proposed to organize an event titled “GloBiz from 2nd August to 30th August 2017 with the theme of Going International”. Major highlights of the Event are as follows.
1. Organizing Embassy Round Table- International Opportunity Awareness Day on 2nd August, 2017 which marks the beginning of the Event.
2. International Business Event on10th August 2017 to encourage students to think and evolve business ideas and present them in the college for evaluation.
3. International Cultural Event on 30th August, 2017 to engage the students in various activities which include the best mix of Cultural and Culinary, from all over the world.
In Embassy Round Table commencing on 2nd August, 2017 there would be talks by Embassy officials on education, trade and cultural relations between India and three foreign countries namely Iran (from Asia), France(from Europe), England and Lisotho(from Africa) keeping in view the on-going trade and cultural relations and business prospects for Indian investors in these countries. These countries are chosen to enable the students to understand the trade prospects in those countries.
Iran and India had Cultural links from a very long time and they shared common borders until Pakistan was carved out of undivided India. Some of the cultural similarities between India and Iran, include worship of the Cow and Sun God and ‘Avesta’ of Iran which resembles largely our Rigveda. After our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Iran on 26th May 2016, steps were taken for bilateral trade relations for mutual benefit. Readiness of Indian companies to invest 5 billion dollars to develop Iranian gas field, Indian government’s funding of Zarah and Delaram Highway, development of chahaber port, which makes it convenient for India to import crude oil easily and Iran to export crude oil to Afghanistan and central Asia bypassing Pakistan, are few things which are likely to brighten trade prospects between the two countries.
Embassy Officials of France are also invited to talk on trade relations and business prospects between India and France. France happens to be the top most recipient of funds from foreign countries in the European Continent. There are about 25000 foreign companies which employ two million people. France is also famous for innovation. Ten French companies are among the world’s 100 top most innovation organizations of the world. During the last decade, significant studies were made between India and France Leading to the exchange of information in strategic area of security, defence, nuclear energy, space, science and technology, culture and education. Government of France is investor- friendly as it is offering subsidies and interest free loans, financial grants for investment projects, tax exemptions and tax credits, guaranteeing the loans taken by foreign investors for purchase of machinery and equipment etc., Most conspicuous of all these benefits is the preferential treatment and concessions extended to Small and Medium Enterprises being started by foreigners in France. Two legislations are also brought viz., “Labor, Social dialogue Modernization and Career Security Act” of August 8th , 2016 and the Rights of Foreign Nationals Act of March7th, 2016 which are meant for protecting the foreign investors in the industries of France.
Embassy officials of Lesotho are also invited to throw light on cultural and trade relations between India and Lesotho. It is a beautiful, culturally rich and land locked country surrounded on all sides by South Africa, situated on mountains at a height of 1000 meters from sea-level. It is one country that officially recognized and supports that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Indian exports to Lesotho are worth 20 million dollars while Indian imports from that country are only worth one million dollars.

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