Hyderabad Ophthalmologists Association

Hyderabad, October 14, 2020 : Hyderabad Ophthalmologists Association is gravely concerned with the terminology used by media with regard to the recent unfortunate surgical event at one of the eye hospitals in Hyderabad. It is a well-known fact that complications and unexpected outcomes are part and parcel of a surgical procedure, despite the treating doctors taking utmost precautions in anticipation of every complication that could arise.


The Ophthalmology community is extremely perturbed with the usage of the terminology like botched up, by media. This tantamounts to someone oblivious of the intricacies involved in treatment, passing a judgement and accusing the medical community of carelessness and intentional wrongdoing, that too without ascertaining the scientific evidence. No doctor does so, as the success of any surgical procedure not only benefits the patient but also builds up the doctor’s reputation.


Hyderabad Ophthalmologists Association strongly objects to such messaging and appeals to media to desist from using such language, which besides maligning the entire Ophthalmology community, also leads to unnecessary fear psychosis among patients.



Dr Nandkishore, President HOA


Dr Mallika Goyal, Vice President HOA


Dr Rishi Swarup, Secretary HOA


Dr Madhukar Reddy, Treasurer HOA


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